The Kercher Group offers decades of experience in strategic infrastructure and transportation asset management.

We partner with our clients to bring a comprehensive set of services that enable data-driven decisions and optimize performance. Our expertise has been leveraged by a wide range of clients, providing data acquisition, quality management, modeling and analysis to create comprehensive management processes and plans with detailed recommendations. Our team also provides project support services by overseeing the implementation of engineering, design and contractual services, and conducting inspections and contract management. We offer assistance at all levels of asset management within an agency from project level implementation to network level strategic management.

Our Services

Infrastructure Asset Management

Services Include:
Sustainability Studies
Pavement Management
Maintenance Management
Utility Management
Bridge Management
Sidewalk Management
Sign Management
GIS Integration
Database Development
Asset Condition Studies
Management Audit
Fleet, Transit and Supply Chain Management

Civil Engineering

Services Include:
Municipal Engineering
Pavement Engineering
Structural Engineering
Traffic Studies
Utility Design
Environmental Permitting
Construction Support
Land Development
Land Surveying
Technical Training

About Us

At The Kercher Group, we pride ourselves in collaborating with clients to develop long-term asset management plans and processes. Our project approach emphasizes partnerships. We focus on long-term success and bring reality to your strategic vision.

Our team has considerable expertise with many leading asset management software systems related to pavement, bridge, roadway, fleet and facility assets as well as the GIS/LRS database platforms that are integrated with these systems.

Our approach includes leveraging the strengths of existing software systems, or helping identify best fit solutions should our clients wish to look at alternatives available in the market.

Our name is new (we are a merger of Kercher Engineering and Asset Management Associates), but our team has long-standing experience with individuals and organizations in public and private transportation agencies at the local, state, and federal level. We have an unparalleled history of success and look forward to serving the transportation and infrastructure community.

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